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Subject: Re: Philip

Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 03:21:44 EDT

From: <>


I am the great-grandson of Phillip S. Chambers born 14 April 1848 son of

Thomas Chambers born 22 Feb 1822 in Indiana son of

John Chambers born abt 1794 in Kentucky son of

John T. Chambers born 1760 in Kentucky son of

John Chambers born 1734 in Virginia and was married to Mary Thompson.

As you are finding out, the Chambers family name is huge. There is a great

deal of information on the family, but I have not had time to try to put

together much more than my own line.

There might be a connection somewhere, and I would be very interested in

proving some relationship to my oldest family member.

Thanks for the web address - I will check in.

Good Luck