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Norris Chambers (seated), Grant Jackson,  Bill Marquis, Jim Warner
Allen Cabin after restoration - still need fences and inside work
Now on display!

Restoration was done by Bill Marquis of Stoney, Texas!


The historical marker has been moved to 8320 Hanon Dr., in front of the cabin

This old log cabin has been located on the James K. Allen farm site on Las Vegas Trail since 1976. But this famous White Settlement landmark has never been properly opened for display and public viewing. The Las Vegas Trail site had no place for parking and no attendant to assist the public. The only access was to walk from a side street where parking was available.Through the years the cabin was subjected to vandalism and poor maintenance.

But on Oct. 24, 2003, the cabin was moved to the White Settlement Historical Museum at 8320 Hanon Drive, where it is being restored and prepared for exhibit.

The cabin was originally built in 1864 by William Terry Allen, son of James K Allen., as a home for William and his new bride. It was built on farm land where the Joint Naval Reserve Training Base in now located. It was sold and moved some distance to the north in 1933 and ws moved again to a spot near the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth ion 1955.

In 1976 the White Settlement Historical Society was formed and moved the cabin back to White Settlement. Since the original site was not available, permission was received to place the cabin on farm land that still belonged to the Allen family. And now the cabin is being moved to the White Settlement Museum where it can be maintained and displayed for viewing. The lot where the cabin was moved from now belongs to the city and will be part of the city park system.