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A Welcome Message from the President
(White Settlement Historical Society)

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Y2K
Take a minute this summer to come by and visit your city's museum. Each item on view has an informative label as to its name and significance. But you are almost certain to be given a personalized tour of the White Settlement room, the electronics, photography, research room, the household tool and furnishings room and the blacksmith shop. On our cool and shady grounds you will find a tractor belonging to our earliest families, a baggage car from a long ago railroad celebrated in history and watering trough from old Camp Bowie. Debate with our Docents which was more important to the war effort--Carswell AFB or Camp Bowie. And be sure to learn what part fresh water played in our history. Speaking of water, we have an actual lump of coal recovered from the real TITANIC (not guaranteed to have been in the movie). See you soon.
Grant Jackson, White Settlement Historical Society, President